DIRECTIONS : How to get here


18 bis Rue Biscarra 

06000 NICE France

Don’t forget to put the “bis” after the street number 18.

GPS : 43.702516, 7.267960


  • Terminal 2 is for AIR FRANCE or Easyjet company

  • Terminal 1 is all other international flights usually

  • Nice Airport is under renovation. Nice Airport car parks are affected by works to prepare for the arrival of the tram.

  • Select free wifi NiceAirportFreeWifi 

More information on Nice Airport Maps, etc :


  • The fastest and cheap way to come

  • take Line 2, direction "LE PORT"

  • Stop at "JEAN-MEDECIN"

== UBER Cars ==

  • UBER app is the best way to get here quickly via car

  • Once you get your luggage, after exiting, ask for a UBER car in your app.

  • At Terminal 1 the UBER meeting point will be at at Departure Level around Door 3 or 2, depending on actual renovation.

  • At Terminal 2, the UBER meeting point is usually at the level 1 but will be confirmed by the driver.

  • The driver can leave you at street corner "Rue Biscarra and Rue Lamartine"


== BY TAXI ==

  • Once you get your luggage go straight ahead, the taxis are just outside.

  • Note that for security reasons personal cars can’t get direct access to the Terminals anymore

  • in T1 taxis are on Door A1, in Terminal 2 they are in Door A3

== BY CAR ==

  • Closest Parking is under Shopping Center NICE ETOILE (just at corner)

  • There are several exits. Parking is open 24/24  7/7. Shopping Center entrance closes at 19:30

  • Free en Sundays

  • Write down the color, Name and Level of your parking. There are 4 levels and each has a color.

  • You can access the car parks from the streets rue Lamartine and rue Paul-Déroulède. 

  • For your GPS : Latitude 43.7021377 / Longitude 7.2671151

  • Avenue Jean-Medecin is pedestrian only, by car take the "RUE LAMARTINE" street


== BY TRAIN ==

  • The train station 'SNCF, Nice-Ville', is a 10-minute walk from Nice-toile shopping center and corner of our street Rue Biscarra. 

  • Exit Train station, make a left towards Avenue Jean-Medecin, follow the tramway tracks all the way down until you hit big building of Nice Etoile Shopping Center (big letter N on façade SEE PHOTO BELOW). The Rue Biscarra starts there.